The History of TIFA

   In November 1939, with the onset of  World War II, there were major outbreaks of cholera, typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and other epidemic diseases, which were rampant throughout both the human and animal populations. Insect and rat populations reached their highest levels ever during this time and contributed to the rapid spread of these fatal diseases. The Royal Great Britain Naval Authority (RGBNA) attempted to eliminate these vermin, and thereby the diseases they carried, by dispersing pesticides such as DDT using aerial applications. However these initial attempts failed due to the lack of experience and techniques in utilizing the proper nozzles and spray application techniques.

   The RGBNA requested the TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION branch in the United Kingdom to develop ground equipment to be used for dispersing the DDT and other pesticide formulations for the specific purpose of controlling vectors, insects and diseases. In December 1939, TODD SHIPYARD engineers succeeded in developing the first power-fogging machine in the world history of vector control. At the time it was known as the TODD INSECTICIDAL FOG APPLICATOR {T.I.F.A.} which opened up doors for a new era in the pest control industry worldwide. While Todd Shipyards in the UK was working with the British Navy in developing the first smoke generator to control insects and disease, at the same time, Todd Shipyards in the USA developed with the US Navy the first smoke generator to provide low hanging, long lasting dense fog to mask U.S. ship movement, troop landing and shore maneuvers, which ultimately protected the lives and equipment of thousands of Armed Forces Personnel in battle.  Post War experiments by Todd engineers in the USA and UK led to the use of the thermal fogging techniques produced by the TODD Smoke Generator as the most successful and effective way to control mosquitoes, flies and other insects preying on humans. Thousands of TIFA Fogging Machines have since been manufactured in the UK and USA by TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION production facilities and distributed in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Following World War II, numerous countries increased their demands for more TIFA fogging machines in order to rebuild their national vector control programs. As a result, TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION opened several product divisions in major cities in the USA such as New York City (Brooklyn); Houston, Texas; Hoboken, New Jersey; New Orleans, Louisiana; Galveston, Texas; San Pedro, California; San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington; and Atlanta, Georgia. Other product divisions for TIFA Fogging Machines were subsequently opened in Grandview, Missouri and Parsons, Kansas.

   In 1947, the New York City Health Department decided to use the TIFA Fogging Machine for insect and disease control for the first time in its vector control history and put more than 12 TIFA Fogging Machines into service. The Todd Shipyard technical engineers also provided, at no charge, several very successful training programs for New York City’s local technicians. The usage of the TIFA Fogging machines has now been standardized in more than 2,000 communities throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and South America as they are considered the most effective tool available in vector control programs worldwide, because of their easy operation, low maintenance and minimum services along with an average life expectancy of at least 25 years and more.

   In 1958 TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION introduced the first type of Ultra Low Volume Applicator (ULV) as an addition to their fogging machine production line. From the early introduction of fogging machines and ULV equipment to the world communities, TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION has been committed to providing the maximum assistance and support to the end user of TIFA equipment at a no charge basis for the lifetime of the equipment with the customer required to cover only the cost of the spare parts.

   Over the next several years TODD SHIPYARD production facilities in the USA and UK supplied spraying equipment, spare parts and services to more than 100 countries in order to rebuild and maintain their national vector control programs. Unfortunately, with the huge demand and expansion of the TIFA equipment market overseas, and after the addition of Canada and South America to the end user list of TIFA fogging machines, the service of TIFA equipment was interrupted and TIFA customers were complaining about a severe shortage of TIFA spare parts, fogging machines and ULV equipment. In addition, the Pest Control Industry was not the area of expertise or interest for TODD SHIPYARD Management.

   In 1973, the fogging equipment production division of TODD SHIPYARD, located in the U.S.A., was purchased by Mr. Arnold Livingston. In May of l974, Mr. Livingston took over the TIFA production facilities in the UK and united them with TIFA USA production facilities headquartered in New Jersey where the TIFA CORPORATION was originally established.
Mr. Livingston felt that TIFA was missing out on several markets including, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, he started his search in finding a leading pesticides and spraying techniques expert to join TIFA staff.  In 1980, Gamal Osman joined TIFA as Technical and Commercial Director.

   TIFA CORPORATION subsequently opened several technical assistance/liaison offices throughout the world in order to guarantee immediate technical assistance and complete field back up services, which might be required by TIFA customers during the operation of TIFA machines. TIFA’s management later added the mechanical aerosol generator Microsols and TIFA Knapsack Sprayers into TIFA’s main production line and also introduced fogging machines of various sizes and ULV equipment in order to meet the demands of all TIFA customers throughout the world.

   In 2001, after the passing of Mr. Arnold Livingston, Mr. Gamal Osman became the TIFA President and CEO.  Since that time, TIFA has moved into a new era after a significant reform policy was carried out with great success. TIFA proudly expanded its sales and field back up services carrying out large scale training programs and seminars worldwide.

   In April 2004, TIFA was awarded the largest contract ever in the pest control industry, which was for rebuilding the Iraqi National Vector Control Program.  This was the first contract to be guaranteed for payment by the United States Export Import Bank. As a result, Mr. Gamal Osman acquired all TIFA entities as of December 2004, whereby TIFA International LLC was formed in the USA and TIFA Worldwide LTD was founded in the U.K.

   Under the new leadership and ownership of TIFA operations, Mr. Osman and the TIFA staff are committed to provide the maximum support and complete field back up services to all the current and new TIFA customers worldwide. In support of that Mr. Osman opened additional TIFA technical offices around the world in order to respond immediately to any emergency orders or services required. Osman’s continuous efforts and recognition still place TIFA International and Worldwide as the world’s largest most successful manufacturer of fogging and spraying machines for the pest control industry.